So I’ve Been Buying Some Things Recently… Collective Haul

I know I know, I said I was going to slow my role on the shopping this time of year and possibly even revert back to the shopping ban that I did last year at this time. However, sales and opportunities have both presented themselves… therefore, I just couldn’t resist passing up and let’s just say that’s how we ended up here today. In order to make myself at least a slight bit less guilty for my recent purchases, I decided it would only be fit for me to share with you my latest purchases and style them into a few outfit ideas. This way, hopefully, you too can find something you like or at least grab a little bit of that mid-winter outfit inspiration. Oh yea, by the way, today’s post is everything I’ve received or purchased since the New Year… so don’t get too upset with me, I haven’t completely gone crazy. One of the first things I purchased after the New year was a pair of navy and black sneakers. They have a bit of height to them and are rather narrow for the average sneaker. They look incredible with an athleisure look and are totally taking […]

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What’s In My Travelon Bag!

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an amazing company like Travelon today! If you’ve never heard of the brand they specialize in bags, pack packs, and travel accessories that have Anti Lock. This meaning that these bags are perfect for travel- the zippers lock within one another, the straps have a special material in them that ensures they cannot be cut, and they have card scanning security so nobody can access your credit accounts. If you’ve ever traveled abroad or to a major city you can imagine how awesome it would be to have a bag that can without a doubt, keep your belongings safe! I was gifted this beautiful Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack in the shade Aquamarine. It is the perfect size as it is not too big for everyday use but can easily fit everything you need for a day trip! It is super spacious and I am so happy to be carrying a bag that is practical and can fit so much. Plus, it is made out of Nylon which is the perfect material for a heavily used bag. Today I’m sharing with you what’s in my bag for a day trip. Be […]

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5 Shoes You Need This Winter + How To Style Them

In case you forgot, I have a lot of shoes. Like a lot. I’ve found some incredible deals over the years and have fallen in love with many pairs. I obviously like and wear some pairs more than others but at the end of the day; I generally try my best to show them all some love! Today I’m sharing with you my top five shoes you need for this time of year. This awkward time of year leaves me with fifty-degree temperatures one day and a snow day the next. Here’s what you need to tackle those mid-winter blues! Over the knee boots are some of my favorite shoes for most of the year but especially around this time! They can easily be worn on a chillier day with a chunky sweater and vest or on those random warmer days with a skirt or dress. Outfit Details- dress: Eddie Bauer, boots: Target, purse: Old Navy Another must-have for me are a pair of simple black mules. They are perfect and can easily be worn with a plain outfit. Not to mention thy are so comfy; especially for a flat! I adore these for those random warmer days that Maryland […]

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