How To Tackle Your 2018 Goals + Dreams (With A Vision Board)

Inspiration, it strikes at the most erratic time. However, when it comes it deserves to be documented, or so I believe. In this post I broke down everything I hope to achieve this year from the numbers to the personal to the business. It was an honest depiction of the craziness that has been my brain these last few weeks as I mentally prepare for the year ahead. However, I was feeling as though it was time to start sorting through those thoughts and putting them in as organized fashion that would help me visually see all the things I hope to achieve over the next twelve months.

Here’s how I plan on tackling my goals this year!

#1) Create a personalized vision board-

My vision board is something that I have taken great pride in, something I have appreciated looking at over the last few years while working away at my desk each night. This year I decided to switch it up a bit.

The background to my bulletin board is simply a piece of marble wrapping paper that my mom picked up for me at Target not too long ago. I stuck that on with some cute little thumbtacks that I picked up in the dollar spot at Target and lined the paper vertically with some light pink washey tape. After I had that part done, I went ahead and started putting up a few of my standards- a simple calendar so I can see each month at a glance, my standard ‘life is short buy the shoes’ sticker, and a cute little Bella stamp that I colored in not too long ago to remind me of my Aunt and my dreams each time I see it.

I’m big on tracking goals visually so I have a few separate sheets that allow me to do so. The first is just a standard silhouette of the United States which I use to color in the states I have visited. This is just a cute little way to see; it would be a dream to have the whole map colored one day! The next is a yearly savings tracker. I simply sketched this one up myself and plan on writing down how much money I save each month here so I can easily keep track of my yearly savings. Moving on to my yearly goal tracker where I sit down and plan the bulk of my business goals and hash out a few personal goals that are for the most part rather general. I go into detail on each goal in this post. To the right is where I keep a few ‘bar graphs’ if you will. This visual is so awesome as it’s something I get to add to as my platforms grow throughout the year- I really loved having this last year so it was inevitable that I add it to the tracker this year as well. And lastly, I have a ‘she believed she could so she did’ sticker as I feel those words are so powerful!

#2) Set sub-categories for your goals- 

I recommend breaking down your long-term goals into smaller ones so they are easily reachable. For example, if you want to gain two hundred more followers this year, decided how many you’ll need to gain each month in order to reach this goal by the end of the year. This is a simple way to make your long-term goals more reasonable.

#3) Break down what each goal means to you- 

What does each goal really mean to you; why do you even want to achieve this goal? Think about these things and even consider scribbling your thoughts down. It never hurts to elaborate on the stem of your thoughts. I’ve worked extremely hard on my site these last two years and I’ve seen what I am capable of; therefore, some of my goals are rather ambitious and reflect the amount of hard work I am willing to put in in order to reach them. Because of this, my goals have real meaning to me.

#4) Define ‘success’ in your own words- 

Consider what ‘success’ means to you personally. Is success a number, a state, a feeling? How does success define you and itself? In order to be ‘successful’ this year, understand the deeper meaning of your own personal morals associated with the word success.

#5) Be sure you have a work space that you love-

My vision board sits on my desk along with a cute little mug that holds my pencils and a few other nick knacks + I have a cute little banner and a few paintings hanging above it. Therefore, my work space is so personalized that I genuinely enjoy sitting and working there. It brings me great happiness and I feel inspired in a space that is so me.

When wanting to chase your dreams and work at your goals it is so important to have a work space that you enjoy, feel right in, and is comfortable.If you’re feeling unmotivated, chances are you just need a little change of scenery in terms of your desk area.

#6) Surround yourself with ambitious people- 

They say that you are a reflection of who you surround yourself with. If you have big goals and aspirations for this year, surround yourself with others who do too. It is as simple as that. Those who are willing to support, motivate, encourage, whatever it may be in order to help you become the best version of yourself are those who you should be keeping around.

#7) Remember your purpose- 

No matter how lucky or how unlucky you get this year, do not lose yourself amidst it. Remember your purpose, your reason, your will. Remember the root in which your determination stemmed from and you my friend, will grow!

I hope this year you are able to tackle all your goals and more! How do you stay on track with your goals/resolutions?! I’d love to hear; be sure to let me know in the comments below along with any other questions, comments, or requests you may have for me. Thank you for contributing to my success! With love, McKenz

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