How To Tackle Your 2018 Goals + Dreams (With A Vision Board)

Inspiration, it strikes at the most erratic time. However, when it comes it deserves to be documented, or so I believe. In this post I broke down everything I hope to achieve this year from the numbers to the personal to the business. It was an honest depiction of the craziness that has been my brain these last few weeks as I mentally prepare for the year ahead. However, I was feeling as though it was time to start sorting through those thoughts and putting them in as organized fashion that would help me visually see all the things I hope to achieve over the next twelve months. Here’s how I plan on tackling my goals this year! #1) Create a personalized vision board- My vision board is something that I have taken great pride in, something I have appreciated looking at over the last few years while working away at my desk each night. This year I decided to switch it up a bit. The background to my bulletin board is simply a piece of marble wrapping paper that my mom picked up for me at Target not too long ago. I stuck that on with some cute little […]

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I’ve Got Big Plans + Goals for 2018

I am a huge advocate about starting fresh and chasing your goals. Frankly, I’m one whose all about the ‘New Year, New Me’ crap that everyone dreads listening to when January rolls around. The truth is, I always have been. Though no different from your typical weekday, there’s just something so utterly satisfying about getting the chance to hit ‘restart’ once a year. A clean slate, a new beginning, a chance to restart. I know a lot of people believe, why New Years, why not just start now? And frankly, I kind of agree with them too, but if the opportunity comes across to set new goals, change a mindset, and sit down to self reflect on the previous year, why NOT go for it; I mean it’s not like you have anything to lose! So, yes, I do have a long list of goals to achieve, dreams to chance, words to keep in mind, and a running list of things I want to accomplish/do this year and I’m happy about it- plain and simple. Today I’m going to be rambling on about those things so if you don’t want to hear about them, feel free to click out now; […]

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StyledbyMcKenz Turns Two!!!

January 1, 2016 I hit ‘Publish’ on my very first blog post. Seven hundred and thirty days later I am left teary-eyed as I sit down to write. It simply feels like just yesterday I was wracking my brain for ways to put my thoughts into words, fearful of this new beginning yet excited to start a book in which I did not know the ending. It’s ironic because exactly two years later, everything has changed and yet, somehow nothing has. I am at a loss of words right now, too. I simply cannot express what it feels like to celebrate the turning of age in my blog however, I am going to try. Courage-¬†One of the few core traits I actually did have when I began my blog, knowing that the people surrounding me may not be happy for me, they may actually tease me. However, this was something I knew I wanted to do, something I knew I had to do for myself. Being real, honest, vulnerable on the Internet for random people isn’t for everyone. I have more courage now than most adults do. Dedication- From the moment I started blogging I established a posting schedule; although […]

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