August Favorites​

For the first time this whole year, I don’t feel the need to say that this month felt like the fastest one ever because in so many ways it didn’t feel fast. August brought the end of my Wisconsin adventures, a little beach trip, the revival of cheer season and a whole entire month worth of blogging… so my time was pretty much entirely occupied. And although September brings school, responsibilities, and so many new beginnings, I could not be more excited for the fresh start. Although don’t get me wrong, I will totally miss Summer but what season’ s better than Fall?!! With such a chock-full month and lots to chat about, I decided it was time to sit down and take a look at my month and favorites in review. As always, fashion’s up first! It’s usually pretty rare for me to get dressed/ready in the mornings throughout the month of August simply because I am always go go go in terms of my plans, due to cheer. You can typically find me in some Nike spandex and a Nike sports bra but when I did get dolled up it was for the sake of taking pictures for […]

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August Empties / Trash Stash

I’ve had a pretty narrow mindset in terms of my blogging content these past few weeks, sticking mostly to lookbooks, outfit related posts and my Back To School series. However, today I wanted to sit down and switch gears a bit to share my August trash stash with you. It’s rare that I ever do any beauty or skin care reviews on here so sharing my empties each month is practically the closest thing to that. Before I talk any longer, let’s get on with it.As far as hair care goes, I’m starting with the Loreal Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner. This set is amazing for ladies that like to limit the amount that they wash their hair. When using this I typically wait a day or two before washing my hair again as it does an amazing job of drying out the roots while keeping your hair hydrated on a day-to-day basis. Product: Loreal Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo + Conditioner Stars: 5/5 Repurchase: Yes One of my favorite sea-salt sprays ever. This one adds amazing texture to the hair and is perfect for day’s where you need a bit of added volume to your look. Product: Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Spray […]

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Back To School Essentials 2017

Hello, everyone and welcome back to styledbymckenz! I am back today with another addition to my Back To School Series. Despite posting one of these last year, I have received so many requests asking for another Back To School Essentials blog post, that I figured what harm could another one do?! So here I am sharing with you my essentials for my junior year of high school. Enjoy!I’m starting off with some foot wear because for me that always makes or breaks an outfit. And my outfit sets the mood for my whole entire day. Therefore, I like to get it right the first time. To begin I totally would recommend having a sandal that is versatile for all situations. I like the Target block heels because they are low enough (and comfortable enough) for every-day wear but could easily be dressed up for a girl’s night or even a school dance! A trusty pair of sneakers are a total must-have as well. My slip-on Vans are always being reached for. They are easy and are the perfect shoe to wear on an everyday basis and for events like football games or pep rallies. My last shoe essential is definitely […]

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